Celebrate summer with new sizzling seasonal recipes. From fresh salads and family meals to cooling drinks and fruity desserts, alfresco dining will be a breeze

We all know that the sunshine puts us in a better mood. We get our summer wardrobe out, spend more time outdoors and enjoy the odd picnic or two. We also entertain more at home but deciding what to cook that’s easy and light can be difficult, if you have quite a few guests.

Using recipes that are simple, fresh and light is the key to keeping your cool when hosting a summer dinner party or picnic. Even if you can’t eat alfresco, there are plenty of dishes that will bring fresh summer flavours to your table in no time at all.

One option is to have a Jacob’s Join. This is where everyone brings something different to the table. You can either specify what you want, or give them a theme to stick to, ie light and fruity, Mediterranean, Caribbean or finger foods. That way you spend less time over a hot barbeque and more with the party.

Nothing says summer like a fresh salad bursting with seasonal ingredients. Kick off your annual family barbeques and beat the heat with a fresh pasta or potato salad. Let’s not forget the classic fruit salad either, enhanced with mouth-watering combos like lime or honey dressing. Glam up your greens with seasonal veggies like cucumber, avocado, peas and so much more.

If you do have to do the cooking, try and do as much prep beforehand as possible and to avoid all that washing up after why not put picnic rugs down on the grass and use paper plates.

Summer is a great time to have picnics or barbeques in the sun. Why not try our pineapple and pork skewers recipe? And of course, it has to be complemented with a refreshing summer cocktail.

So, get out there and enjoy!



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