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Experienced hairstylist Cass Preston offers the amazing hair extension system, Secret Weave, at her luxurious salon The Volume Clinic in Brockhall Village, writes Gail Bailey

Secret Weave is the fabulous hair extension system that Cass Preston is proud to work with: “Hair extensions are the perfect solution to help people with hair loss, but also for a new look or a special occasion,” explains Cass. “The system gives the most perfect, flawless finish and is completely undetectable.”

Whether it is extra volume, extra length or both, Secret Weave hair extensions are the ideal choice, and are leaders in the industry for the seamless finish they create. With no glue, tape or heat they are totally safe for the hair and aside from natural shedding there is virtually no hair loss at all: “With care Secret Weave extensions can last up to 18 months,” Cass further explains. “They take between two and three hours to apply initially, and dependent upon hair growth, need realigning every six to 10 weeks.”

The Volume Clinic is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy being pampered whilst the extensions are applied. From the moment you enter the salon the sense of luxury and calm envelops you, and in the care of the expert hands of Cass and the team it is simple to switch off and enjoy the whole experience – and the transformation.

For those clients with weakened or delicate hair The Volume Clinic can still offer hair extensions by utilising an amazing mesh integration system: “The mesh integration system involves blending existing hair with real hair that is attached to a custom-made unit,” Cass says. “It achieves a continuous, natural appearance and creates texture and volume.”

This mesh integration system can be applied to just the perimeter: “We can integrate mesh just around the sides and back of the head allowing extensions to be added so that the mesh takes the weight of the weave not the natural hair – perfect to protect fine delicate hair and to ensure those with this texture don’t miss out on having fabulous extensions,” Cass explains.

“Hair extensions are for everyone and are a fantastic product. Different grades are available depending upon budget and needs, and the beauty of the technique is the freedom it gives clients, as it looks and feels just like their real hair. It can be washed, brushed and straightened, curled and styled as normal and is perfect for all clients including those suffering with hair loss. Secret Weave extensions are a perfect solution and give clients confidence that they look and feel fabulous on a daily basis.”

As Christmas and the party season fast approaches appointments are already going quickly – for further information and to avoid disappointment contact The Volume Clinic.

The Volume Clinic
2 Eden Gardens, Brockhall Village
Old Langho BB6 8HW
01254 823333
WhatsApp 01254 823333



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