Personal Trainer Hesham Abdelrazek recently relocated to Clitheroe from Cairo, Egypt, where he had over 120 clients including athletes, celebrities and actors

Hesham Abdelrazek is still working with many of his well-known clients in Egypt via video calls but wants to bring his hugely popular and effective personal training programme to clients here.

With 11 years industry experience and multiple PT qualifications including ACE L4, Hesham has specialist training in creating balanced nutrition plans and effective lifestyle changes. He knows what it takes to achieve goals, winning MuscleMania Middle East himself in 2014.

Co-founder of the renowned Max 4 fitness studio, Hesham matches clients to one of four programmes – Burn, Tone, 10 Week Transformation Challenge or Speed & Power – and creates a unique training and nutrition plan.

“Small changes can make a huge difference,” says Hesham. “I am completely client-focused, giving 100 per cent support as if each client is a competitor – we are working to achieve their goals. We work hard in an enjoyable way and ensure nutrition incorporates favourite foods – we achieve great results without taking the joy out of life, you don’t need to suffer to look good.”

“I assess fitness level, medical history, previous injuries and lifestyle and build up gradually, pushing you safely. I guard against injuries with good technique, nutrition and recovery planning and can take clients from any starting point to achieve results.”

Hesham trains clients in their own homes, gym settings or outdoors and is currently working with clubs including a local football team.

Get in touch for a free 45-minute consultation

Hesham Abdelrazek
07522 424607
facebook@Hesham Razek



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