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As we get older, those finely tuned senses from our youth may need a little extra assistance. Crowded restaurants, family gatherings, exchanges on the television – we get the gist, but are we missing out? Writes Victoria Bamber. Photography: SusieQ.co.uk

Many of us struggle on or get by. For those of us who choose to tune back in, there is a positive alternative. Preston Hearing Care Centre has a passion.

Offering an established, bespoke and independent service, hearing aid audiologists, Simon, Nick and Ged, offer the very latest and greatest in audio technology.

Providing comprehensive testing suited to your individual needs and requirements, the team provide the widest range of hearing aids from world leading manufacturers. Truly independent and with aids to suit every lifestyle and budget, the team at Preston Hearing Care Centre are changing lives.

Offering the most advanced and sophisticated technology to ensure the crispest, sharpest sound, the team at Preston Hearing Care Centre are seeing a huge uptake in requests for the world’s smallest hearing aids in canal and receiver-in-the-canal forms. These discrete, user-friendly models that automatically and consistently analyse the wearer’s environment and make audio adjustments accordingly.

“People don’t realise what fantastic innovation is out there for people with varying budgets,” says Simon. “One of our most flexible, requested products is the Moxi Now receiver-in-the-canal aid. Manufacturers say this is the smallest hearing aid in the world and it’s particularly popular because of its size and the fact the sound quality is exceptional.”

Preston Hearing Care Centre also offer rechargeable aids that use Bluetooth connectivity to pair with smartphones and iPads. With a five-year manufacturer guarantee and expected lifespan of six years, the sealed titanium batteries last all day and come with their own stylish rechargeable case for travelling.

These rechargeable aids are fully automatic, adapting to more challenging listening situations. Latest technology also allows the wearer to control the aid’s settings further from a smartphone or iPad. From automatic to outdoor, in traffic or a noisy bar, programmes are entirely controllable, with sound enhancement, microphone direction and background noise all adjustable from the comfort of the wearer’s electronic device.

Because of their direct connectivity to a smartphone, phone calls can be streamed direct to the aids, giving a clear and direct sound quality. The technology also allows the wearer to answer and end a call through the functionality of the aid if Bluetooth is enabled on their smartphone.

The aids also offer TV streaming technology, giving direct connectivity from a television. This offers a better sound quality without isolating a person, as a pair of headphones would. At Preston Hearing Care Centre, minimal waiting times and exceptional satisfaction rates are a draw for customers.

The stylish, comfortable environment, family atmosphere and bespoke after-care packages also put patients at ease by offering the best possible treatment and support. Hearing aid repairs, earwax removal and hearing protection is also offered as part of the service.

“Hearing is life and for our patients and their families, we like to think theirs improves once they visit our centre,” said Simon.

Preston Hearing Care Centre
167 Garstang Road, Preston PR2 3BH
01772 862000



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